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oral BI KE 2

There are a lot of advantages for early marriage; an early age is considered between 19 years old and 22 years old. The greatest advantage of getting married at a young age is to have more time to have kids if you want a big family. That is because young people at a very early age are more likely to have a many children. Another advantage is emotional support; and that means they can find a partner who they can share their woes and difficulties with him; furthermore, they can find who can meet their emotional needs when they live together. A further advantage is to learn to shoulder responsibilities at an early age. For instance, they have to stop relying on their parents and depend on themselves and bear the responsibility of managing their own affairs. 

you get to know someone better the longer you're with them, so you get the chance to start early on and help each other improve as muslims....when you have someone to help you early on, there's more time for improvement in the relationship
Children will benefit because they have younger parents - who are more likely to understand them, than older ones who are still back in their days and ways of life.
The biggest advantage that comes with marriage is the fact that you always have someone to talk to. This is true at any age. Marriage provides a constant support system for you to fall back on, and it gives you someone to share the details of your life with. Some people date compulsively because they do not like the idea of being alone for the rest of their lives. When you're married, you never have to worry about that.
Marriage comes with a lot of pressure, more than most people can handle. You no longer have the ability to just "break up" if you don't like your spouse. You have to work out your problems, no matter how hard they may be at the time. This causes a lot of young people to cheat on their spouses because they think that life with someone else is going to be easier than the life they currently lead. This is not the case though. Every marriage is going to involve stress, and that is something you have to prepare for at any age. The sooner you know that, the better off you will be.
Another problem with being married is that you will no longer have the chance to party whenever you want to. This is one of the biggest problems I had because I wanted to be a social butterfly and flirt with everyone that came my way. As a wife though, I couldn't do that. It is something I eventually got over, but you have to plan for that if you want to get married. You can still go out, but you won't be able to play the field. Only you can determine if that is a good idea for you.

On the other hand, getting married at a young age has many disadvantages too an early age is considered that they are from 10 years old to 18 years old. The main disadvantage is they miss out on the fun of teenage life. It will deprive them of their youth. So, they can't live their life as a normal child as others who are at the same age. One other disadvantage is that bringing up children may be difficult for their young parents, because their knowledge of child care and attention to children may not be enough. So, they will not be able to provide the appropriate care for their child. Moreover, a disadvantage is that early marriage can affect the mother's health. Young mothers are exposed to severe health problems. In addition, early pregnancy and childbirth can have a negative impact on mother's health at young age.

dont get close to adultery/incest)

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"Whoever has the ability should marry for it is better in lowering the 
gaze and guarding one's chastity. Whoever is not able, let him fast 
for it is for him a restraint." (Al-Bukhari) 

Many people believe that marriage is a union ordained by God and it is also a wonderful union of two people in love. But like every great thing in life, marriage has its advantages and disadvantages.
Advantages of Marriage
The ability to love and receive love in return. Marriage to someone you love gives you an avenue to channel all your love and attention especially for people who never really received love as children. Loving someone who loves you back is the greatest feeling most married people experience in their lives.
Research has shown that children raised by married couples do better than children raised by single parents. Most religions encourage raising kids in this (marriage) environment because it is believed to provide the necessary balance in the upbringing of children. Let's face it; it is easier for two people to raise kids than for one person to bear the burden of raising a kid(s) alone. Raising kids is tasking for two people let alone one person!
Marriage can protect the estate
Being married can help a wealthy person protect the assets he leaves behind when he dies. Under federal tax laws, you can leave any amount of money to a spouse without generating estate tax, so this exemption protects the deceased’s estate until the spouse dies.
• Division of labor. When one lives alone, much of his time will be taken up by cooking and tending to his domical and will not be able to dedicate time to knowledge and other good deeds. A righteous wife is an aid to her husband in this regard. She is primarily responsible for the keeping of the house and children while he is responsible for supplying their needs. In addition to going out to seek their sustenance, he should fulfil his duties in the area of da'wah, enjoining right and forbidding wrong, jihad, etc. 
• Practice of self-discipline and combating the nafs training it in responsibility and custody by fulfilling all obligations toward one's family, being patient and forbearing with their character and putting up with their annoyances. In addition to this, the Muslim man must struggle and strive for their improvement in Islam and guiding them to the straight path of the deen. He must struggle to earn from the lawful for their sake and to participate in the raising of the children on the best of character. These are acts of very high status and of very high reward from Allah. 
The effects of dating to students in campus. 

Dating is a form of human courtship consisting of social activities done by two persons with the aim of each assessing. It usually refers to the act of meeting and engaging in some mutually agreed upon social activity in public, together, as a couple. The most common sense is two people trying out a relationship and exploring whether they're compatible by going out together in public as a couple, and who may or may not yet be having sexual relations, and this period of courtship is sometimes seen as a precursor to engagement or marriage. But dating can provide good and bad effects. 
First, positive effects of dating on campus are that we can learn together and share knowledge of knowledge. The impact of learning together is a possibility they will get good results at the end of year exams. They take the same field is more suitable because they can come these days and as such studying together like Malay proverb drinking water while diving. 
In addition, the disadvantages of dating in the campus are more than advantages. Disadvantage is that if we come in saving it will make us lose focus while in class when the lecturer is teaching because they are fun playing with one another massage. Beside than, they are also to be scolded by the lecturer when they can not be asked to answer questions. They also hope that parents want their children to study hard, but love the learning. Like proverbs expect fences, eat rice. 
More over, disadvantages of dating in the campus is it a waste of time and money wasting money and time because we only focused on the couple alone and may we ignore the first lesson. When it is time we focused on the couple's cause they will often late to class because before they dating together. If they go slow to class lectures will not be possible for them once they entered and left the lesson of the day.
What are the financial issues among young married couples?
One of the disadvantages of getting married too young would relate to the couple’s financial condition. Being young they must have not had sufficient time to prepare for the exigencies of life. They may not be having a steady source of income as they are yet to settle down in a comfortable and high paying career. With their minimum income it may prove to be a financial strain for the young couple  to battle the expenses of everyday life and maintain a decent standard of living. The financial woes may be compounded if one of them has to fund hisschool fees to complete his education and plan a career.

How do the career goals affect young married couples?
Getting married too young may be disadvantageous to a couple’s career goals. When people marry too young, it is possible that each one is tuned to fulfilling their own aspirations. If both of them plan to have a career it may take a lot of maturity and understanding to pursue their career as well as their relationship. It would often entail sacrifices by one to satisfy the needs of the other. The  young couple may have to stay separately in different places in order to pursue their careers. In such a situation maintaining a long distance relationship is fraught with its own set of perils and disadvantages.

Could having children early be a disadvantage?
Getting married too young is a serious global problem, prevalent more in Asian and African countries. The clearest disadvantage of getting married too young is that the couple may babies too soon despite all the birth control methods. In addition to battling with personal and emotional maturity in facing the various pressures of life, the couple may feel it burdensome to take on the additional responsibility of a baby. A young mother is, additionally at risk of diseases such as obesity, chronic anemia among others.

How does personal maturity affect young Married Couples?
Personal maturity can be seen as one of the disadvantages of getting married too young. The couple may not be prepared emotionally for the marriage which results in engaging in immature and presumptuous behavior. A young couple has to do a reasonable amount of work together in a responsible and consistent manner. One of them unwilling to do so would surely tilt the delicate balance required for the marriage to be stable and dependable. The young couple also faces the danger of growing apart as they progress with age. Things change and so do a person’s goals and interests, to an extent that a young couple may soon realize that they hardly have anything in common to share their life.  

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